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Advantage of Vector Conversion


Advantages of raster to vector conversion

  • Vectors are described by mathematical expressions like lines, arcs, polygons, circles and other geometrical entities. As a result, vector images have clear contours without any rough edges. This is why the vector images do not pixelate or turn blocky despite being re-sized or blown up to any factor. This feature of vector images renders them immensely useful for all printing jobs.
  • Vector images do not have any shading or pixel depth, which makes these files very light and quick to load in animations and on websites. Not to mention, the time it takes to load each image on a website or during an animation is critical for the quality of end user experience.
  • Vector images do not endure any loss of details when scaled to different sizes or resolutions, besides not turning blocky or pixelated upon being scaled up manifolds. As a result, raster to vector conversion is a pre-requisite for attaining impeccable quality in printing jobs, be it on clothes or on paper.
  • Number of colors in a vector image can be easily increased or reduced, to suit printing budget.
  • At last but not the least, vector to raster conversion can be carried out, as and when needed.

Vector images, therefore, are ideal for use across website designing, graphic designing & commercial marketing. Logos, simple illustrations and most of the other images you come across on newspapers, brochures, business cards etc. are, in fact, vector images. The flash animations online also use vector images. Moreover, certain kind of printing techniques requisition vector input only, for example, embroidery and flex printing use vector images only.

Who can use this service?

Raster to vector conversion service is relevant to a bevy of businesses. Vector images are useful for both companies and professionals, be it for commercial accomplishments or private use. The various industries that use vector conversion service include printers of custom t-shirts/ promotional products, vinyl banner makers, vinyl cutters, plaque makers, engravers, sign makers, web designers, graphic designers, lithographers, badge and emblem makers, label makers, advertising agencies, vehicle graphic makers, embroiders, magazine companies and artists.