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Caricature to Vector Conversion


Have your caricature images translated into their perfect vector versions with our expertise and experience. Our team comprises of talented graphic artists who are not only deft at caricature to vector conversion, but also specializes in getting it done in the least amount of time and at the best prices available in the market.

What is a caricature?

A caricature is a ludicrous representation of a popular person, place or thing, and must be fairly reminiscent of the corresponding entity by its audience. In fact, a caricature isn’t always a cartoon. It can be a photograph, a sculpture, a painting or a hand-made drawing.

At VectorzMedia, we undertake caricature to vector conversion from any raster file format – be it a scan, a digital photograph or a physical sketch/ drawing. You can send the raster files through e-mail or whatever alternative means suit your convenience and preference.

How do we do it?

While converting a sketch to vector, our graphic artists draw single lines, as much as possible, and do away with colour blends, gradients and ambiguous shading. Your sketch may not be 100% clean and precise for accurate caricature to vector conversion either. The vast experience behind our artists allows us to confidently tidy up your rough sketches into neat, professional and scalable vector artworks.

Full Colour image requirement

A vector file devoid of colour blends, gradients and any sort of realistic shading is a standard requirement from our clients. Not only is it preferred and readily acceptable for use across projects, it also saves substantial printing cost. However, in case your custom requirement demands vector image file with full colours, comprising of shadows, highlights, colour blends and more than a few colours, it is also very much achievable for us. In such a case, nevertheless, it is advisable to first consult one of our experts and decide on the best course of action on the basis.