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Convert Image to Vector

Convert Image to Vector


At VectorzMedia, we convert Image to Vector for our clients to render their business logo and other JPG/ JPEG images, resolution independent, platform neutral, flawless and compact. Also known as raster to vector conversion, the service delivers your images fit for printing on promotional merchandise like t–shirts, coffee mugs, car wraps, billboard ads as well as for use in mobile devices and web-based media needs. The vector counterparts of your JPEGs can be infinitely scaled up or down, without adversely affecting their size or resolution.

Dance Art Picture
Dance Art Picture After Conversion

To elaborate, there are two broad types of graphic images – raster and vector. Raster images include your JPGs/ JPEGs, BMP. TIFF, GIF, etc, which as it is, are useful for designing company business cards, websites and company letterheads. However, raster images become ineffective when they have to be re-sized beyond their actual size. When scaled up beyond a point, the raster images sorely lose in terms of clarity, details and become grainy/ fuzzy. So, when the company needs to print its business logo on a messenger bag, a large coffee mug, a full-scale banner, a car wrap or a large size T-shirt, there arises the need to convert the raster into vector format.

We provide quick and reliable Image to vector conversion. We are very particular about quality and do not believe in taking shortcuts. We give your images the time and attention they deserve and do it completely manually. We, thus, ensure professional quality conversion, leaving no room for shoddiness or inaccuracy.

The USP of our services includes consistency and security. We provide nothing lesser than the best professional quality when we convert Image to Vector graphics. Our commitment to security and confidentiality of your intellectual property is also unwavering and earnest. Moreover, being a strong team of qualified and deft graphic artists that we are, you can find all services related to raster to vector conversion with us, under one roof. While we offer wholesome JPEG to vector conversion services, we use across the board software applications, more often than not, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Logo Image
Logo Image After Conversion

To jot down, the features that render us a favorite among our target audience groups, are as under:-

  • Flawless raster to vector conversion services for across-the-board uses
  • Quick, deft and qualified team of graphic artists
  • Confidential and safe
  • Committed to global business ethics
  • High-quality services
  • Expertise over a broad range of software applications

To get in touch with us for attractive offers, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us at 9818526337. We look forward to interacting with you.