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Scanned Map Image to Vector


Cutting-edge, end-to-end vector conversion solution for scanned maps and other digital imageries!

VectorzMedia offers to convert scanned map to vector format for all uses, including engineering drawing conversion, map digitization, scientific computing applications and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data capture. We provide a convenient and complete solution to digitize your scanned images, including scanned drawings, maps, satellite imageries and aerial photos for our clients from across-the-board industries, worldwide.

Scanned Map
Scanned Map After Conversion

Our diverse clientele for the service includes:

  • defence and intelligence services
  • logistics-based enterprises
  • health & human services
  • location analytics
  • mapping & charting for aviation/ maritime
  • natural resources mapping
  • Telecommunications and many more.

No job is too daunting for expertise coupled with experience!

To convert a scanned image to vector completely manually is an extremely meticulous job. The existing paper maps, Ariel photos and satellite imagery, which tend to be in abstract form, are literally swarmed with multiple layers of information. As a result, to pull off manual mapping of large scans or a GIS project altogether, translates into a highly labour intensive task. It is critically challenging, since human hand is capable of about 40 DPI only. In other words, getting vector conversion done manually only is likely to render any project highly expensive and time-consuming. However, solely relying on the automated tracing can deliver flawed/ dissatisfactory results. At VectorzMedia, therefore, we implement a strategic mix of manual and automated methods to convert any scanned map to vector, so as to pass on optimal results to our clients in short time.

Scanned Image
After Conversion Scanned Image

In fact, over the years, we have successfully accomplished a wholesome range of projects. We are well-versed with all issues and tricks of the trade. As such, to convert any scanned image to vector is a piece of cake for us. So, whatever be your custom requirements, you can rest assured that our team of graphic artists will convert your scanned map to vector up to your satisfaction, while keeping it viable and quick throughout.

Things to keep in mind while scanning a map for vector conversion
The quality of initial raster image determines the accuracy and quality of its corresponding vectorized version. As such, it is recommended to keep the following pointers in mind while acquiring the image from an existing map:

  • Spatial Resolution. The spatial resolution of the scan should be optimal to provide a clean, clear and sharp original image for starter.
  • Scanning Resolution. The scan should be acquired at the same resolution as the original source of the image. Scanning resolution too high adds unnecessary noise/ artefact in the scan, whereas scanning resolution too low generates images with lines touching each other.
  • Scanning Resolution for Color Scanner. With a color scanner, it is advisable to set the scanning resolution bit lower than original for effective results.