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Convert Sketches Into Vector Art


Give your sketches potential to go places by getting them converted to vector art

Our forte is to convert sketches into vector art. Whether drawn up manually on a sheet of paper or brought into being directly on digital media, our graphic artists are proficient at translating either into perfect vector art in quickest turnaround possible.

Vector Artwork
After Conversion Vector Artwork

Challenges involved in converting manually-drawn sketches into vector art

Sketches made manually tend to have more than a few imperfections, which renders the task to convert sketches into vector art infested with its own set of issues and challenges, viz.:

Unwanted lines: The finalized sketches tend to have many unwanted lines around and along the drawings. This invariably happens as the artist strives to translate his/her ideas into drawings onto paper.

Unwanted gaps: The lines and shapes forming the eventual sketch usually tend to have miniscule gaps that may not be perceptible to the naked eye as it is.

Enabling our clients to choose us without hesitation

Talent combined with experience enables our team of graphic artists to convert any sketch, however complicated, into corresponding vector art, without getting into much disarray. Moreover, since our artists are converting sketches into vector art almost round the clock, we are able to pass on to you the economies of scale together with benefit from their dexterity, talent, expertise and experience, to deliver (to you) impeccable vector art each time, every time, without fail.