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We attach immense importance to your online privacy and aim to keep to your trust in tact in VectorzMedia as much as its products and services. Our web servers collect the domain names of our anonymous visitors. We may also collect other generic information such as the time and duration of visit, the web pages browsed and the website last visited before coming to VectorzMedia, the name of internet service provider, type of internet browser and nationality, in respect of our visitors. VectorzMedia uses this information strictly to analyse the traffic patterns on the website and consequently, improve our services and enhance user experience. VectorzMedia may share this aggregated user-statistics with its partners, purchasers, advertisers and other third parties to describe our business as well as other lawful purposes.

The personal information provided by a user upon online registration is stored on a secure server, with no scope for unauthorised access. By using the products and services of VectorzMedia, a user gives one’s implied assent to the privacy policy in place and authorises us to collect, use and disseminate your personal information and data, including to third parties, like advertisers or linked websites.