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Quote IconWhen I decided to revamp the look of our business, I also started looking for an efficient vector conversion service to restore our company’s logo and other graphics off the fading paper files. Quite a many companies turned us away because the image quality was quite pathetic; others quoted too high a charge to sound reasonable. At such a juncture, a business friend referred me to VectorzMedia and ever since, there has been no looking back. I found them by word of mouth and, today I generously recommend them to my contacts by word of mouth.Quote Icon

Mark Boss, Web Designer, Philippines

Quote IconWhen my vendors call me a difficult client, I ask them to follow the model of VectorzMedia and stop whining. This is my fifth year of associating with this company and I have never found a trace of sloppiness in their dealings. Their team is a master of their game; the customer care is prompt and upright; the commitments are met in time and the costing is very competitive. All in all, I never had to look beyond them all these years.Quote Icon

Jay Johnson, Owner, eCommerce Store, UK

Quote IconWe are only two assignments old with VectorzMedia. However, we have come back to them is a proof enough that the first-hand experience was quite satisfactory and amicable. We have had no complaints in terms of either the end results or the experience during the journey of reaching those results. Overall, we are very pleased to associate with VectorzMedia and look forward to a healthy lasting work relationship.Quote Icon

Jonathan Kenddle, Manager, Impression Graphics, USA

Quote IconBeing a professional illustrator, my demands and needs are ever unique and vary in every next assignment. I always need customised raster to vector conversions for printing my custom artworks on t-shirts, coasters, bags and what not.  At VectorzMedia, they not only extend me a patient ear, but also attempt to sync in with my vision, to translate my illustrations into perfect vectors. I extremely value it because this substantially reduces incidences of alterations/ corrections in the initial vector formats sent across to me, which in turn spares me more time to focus on newer illustrations.Quote Icon

Bob, Illustrator Artist, Canada

Quote IconTo begin with, it appeared a daunting task to choose the right image files for fruitful and waste-free vector conversion. Not only their customer care guided me through, but also VectorzMedia delivered absolutely an amazing job within 24 hours of getting the files from me, that too for the best price available in the market. I am very impressed!Quote Icon

Drew Sharma, Vinyl Artist, USA

Quote IconMy concern has been outsourcing its raster to vector conversion jobs to VectorzMedia since 2009; and it gives me immense pleasure to note that it has been a very healthy and hassle free client-customer experience so far.Quote Icon

Annika, Studio Head, Germany

Quote IconMy only consideration while finalising VectorzMedia was to procure regular delivery of high quality vectors in quickest possible turnaround time, for truly competitive pricing. They have been meeting my expectations with flying colors and I strongly recommend them.Quote Icon

Jeremy, Owner, Fast Filter, USA

Quote IconNo job size is too small for VectorzMedia. Irrespective of my order sizes, their response time is always super quick and enthusiastic. They offer their vital services for an extremely fair price. Just the other day, I had a shaky low resolution image to be converted to vector format that was admittedly poor quality. However, their wizard graphic designers/ illustrators manually recreated its clean and perfect vector image in no time at all - the best raster to vector conversion provider around, any day!Quote Icon

Stephen, Vector Artist, BigPond, Australia