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Vector Crests, Badges, Coat of Arms and Emblems


Extending exceptional quality in vector conversion of crests, badges, coat of arms and emblems for the best price!

At VectorzMedia, our learned and experienced team of graphic artists assure seamless, swift and super precise vector conversion of crests, badges, coat of arms and emblems, without exception. We strive to deliver quality vector emblems that are flawless, light-weight, clean and scalable, leaving little scope for grievance.


The fashion of heraldry designs

The heraldry designs carry a definitive aura of royalty and allow their owner to stand out and apart in the crowd owing to the prestige quotient attached to them. Moreover, a prerogative of the nobles once upon a time, the coat of arms/ emblems nowadays can be owned by anyone desirous of it. No wonder, British College of Arms receives a number of applications from the wealthy and the respected to be sanctioned their own coat of arms/ emblem.

Moreover, it is also a growing trend among commercial enterprises worldwide to sport vintage styled business logos, badges and web design elements, highly analogous because these easily attract quick and favourable attention. In turn, we receive numerous orders for vector badges carrying one of the symbols of heraldry, both for personal and commercial use.

No heraldic design is too complex for us!

Vector conversion of coat of arms involves vector conversion of multiple drawings. An average emblem/ coat of arms comprises of many constituent drawings, each representing certain noble characteristics and qualities. These include:

  • a shield
  • supporters
  • a crest at the helm and
  • a motto

As such, a vector conversion job involves breaking down raster images of the coat of arms into vector shields, vector supporters, vector crests and vector mottos. Thereupon, our team of deft graphic artists carefully superimposes the various vector drawings on one another to form vector coat of arms, also known as vector emblems, which is frequently demanded in the form of vector badges by our clients.

Vector crests, emblems and badges done by us are fit for use across all mediums and materials, including:

  • office stationery
  • metal, cloth
  • plastic
  • PVC
  • Website
  • Tags
  • vinyl cutting
  • and much more

To avail our services or get clarification about anything, you are ever welcome to drop a message or call us at one of our helpline numbers. Both our services and our customer care executives are just a call or message away!