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Cartoon Vectorization Coloring Service


At VectorzMedia, we provide top notch cartoon vectorization service to meet comprehensive printing needs, for across-the-board printing materials. We provide vector cartoons ready-to-use for

  • Screen printing on fabrics viz. t-shirts, billboards etc.
  • Websites as web comic strips, animations etc.
  • Newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Business paraphernalia viz. business cards, brochures, pamphlets etc.
  • Vinyl printing (popularly used across indoor publicity material including portable displays, point of sales displays, promotional displays, banners, advertising signage, display panels, in-store points of sale, presentations, showcases, posters and interior design and so on).
  • Flex printing (popularly used in outdoor publicity material viz. hoardings, dealer boards, back light boards, kiosk displays, outdoor banner printing, building wraps and vehicle wraps etc.)

How do you forward your cartoons to us?

You can forward your cartoons to us in any raster image file format, to suit your discretion and convenience. You are also free to choose the means to provide them to us, including

Physically: You may opt to hand over the physical drawings of the cartoons to one of our representatives during your visit to our office;

Digitally: You may rather find it more convenient to e-mail us the scans.

We will revert back with your raster images converted to vector format, through the same means or as per direction, for the best price and quickest turnaround time possible.

Vector Coloring Cartoons
Vector Coloring Cartoons After
Vectorizing and Coloring Cartoons
After Vectorizing and Coloring Cartoons

Coloring Cartoons Service

Besides cartoon vectorization, we also offer the strategically useful service of coloring cartoons for you. You can rely on us for coloring any type of cartoon, including but not limited to

  • Artworks
  • Political cartoons
  • Comic strip
  • Portrait Cartoons or Caricatures
  • Cartoons for web-based comics
  • Cartoons for animation

You name it and we will add colors and textures to your black and white cartoons, precisely as per request, in conspicuously quick turnaround time and at truly pocket-friendly rates. To conclude, subscribe to VectorzMedia cartoons vectorization service and also get coloring of those cartoons done from us, in a smooth, seamless and economical manner.