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How to Cut Down Vectorizing Costs

  • Always send the best quality file to the vector conversion service. To elaborate, if you have the same image in many formats, like BMP and JPEG, choose the image that has the highest resolution and looks the best quality on your screen. Providing best quality image for vector conversion reduces the amount of efforts required to be put in by the service provider during the process. Not to mention, the more details you’ll provide, the more details will be there in your end result vector image.
  • While creating, scanning or clicking a raster image, always save the file in the best resolution setting possible. Always remember, the quality of a low resolution file cannot be improvised just by increasing its size or resolution manually.
  • Always specify fonts that are used in your image or allow the service provider to substitute the fonts. Generally speaking, the larger letters in logo etc. are custom-defined and therefore need to be individually redrawn by the service provider. However, smaller texts e.g. tag lines etc. usually need to be re-typed and providing either the font or allowing font substitution as regards, saves time & effort of the service provider, and in turn saves you money.
  • Always specify the purpose of the vector image to your service provider. That ways the service provider can deliver you vector files more suitable for your purpose in the first go itself.
  • Always provide the image after cropping out any unnecessary details. This way, the service provider will not end up tracing/ redrawing something that you do not need in vector format and you would be charged for only what you actually needed.
  • Always provide any special instructions to your service provider well in advance. In case you have any custom demands to be kept in mind during raster to vector conversion, mention them right at the time of placing requisition and avoid additional charges.