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Photo Vectorization


Benefit from our rich experience and get photo vectorization done from us to your optimum satisfaction! We are one of the leading photo vectorization services in the market owing to our unparalleled expertise at vectorizing photographs.

Unlike logos and other graphics, photographs have color gradients, continuous tones and soft blends that culminate into numerous colors to be traced down, and as such, multitude of overlapping vector objects for printing. In other words, photo vectorization demands both discretion and prudence at the time of conversion, so as to be suitable for all the intended uses including,

  • Direct to garment printing
  • Printing on tees using SPOT color separation
  • Printing for vinyl cut signs
  • Printing on promotional and specialty items viz. bottles, pens, Frisbees, mugs etc.
  • Engraving
  • Embroidery

Our photo vectorization services encompass converting your raster photos into three types of vector images:

Vector Artwork
After Conversion Vector Artwork

Closest clone to the original with all the color blends, color gradients and half tones. You must provide a high resolution raster image file for its photo vectorization, as our artists would need to manually trace the image using a wholesome gamut of colors, so as to deliver the closest vector match possible. As a result, the vector image would end up with numerous color objects, making this file unsuitable for spot color separation and vinyl-cut signs.

Vector image with limited colors without any color blends, color gradients and half tones. A vector art of a photograph, ideally speaking, resembles a drawing of the photograph and not the photograph. In other words, when we manually draw your photo into corresponding vector version with limited colors, it is devoid of any color blends, half tones and suitable for all processes, including vinyl cut signs.

Vector line art in 100% black and white. This vector art is also suitable for all processes, possible.

Our graphic artists would not only convert your raster image to vector as per requirement, but also help you ascertain your exact requirement, in case you need help. Any queries in connection are most welcome over email, phone or otherwise.